Vail Attorney for Driving Under Suspension

light snow in vailIf you’ve received a charge of driving under suspension (DUS) in Eagle County, here are the steps you must take to resolve your charges:

  1. Consult With A DUS Lawyer Immediately. Even if you hold a suspended license from a different state than Colorado, Colorado law enforcement will honor that suspension. If you are charged with a DUS, contact a Colorado DUS attorney as soon as possible.

  3. Work With Your Lawyer to Establish The Facts. The facts leading up to your DUS charge will need to be established and discussed with your lawyer. Certain defenses may be available to you based on the facts. For instance, if it can be shown that you had no knowledge that your license was suspended, then you cannot be convicted on a DUS charge. It may also be the case that the DMV made a mistake, or that there was an notification error and that your license actually should not be suspended. Your lawyer will be able to get to the bottom of this.

  5. Let Your Lawyer Build Your Defense. Your DUS defense lawyer will be familiar with the Colorado DMV licensing protocols, and will have a solid understanding of the criminal laws in play for your DUS charge. Your lawyer will work hard to build your strongest possible defense based on the facts of your case.


If you’re from outside of Eagle County, you likely don’t have the time or energy to deal with this. Call us, and we’ll deal with it for you.

An Overview of Colorado Driving Under Suspension Laws

In Colorado, the reasons for driver’s license suspensions can be many, and some of the more common reasons for driver’s license suspensions include:


When a person’s license is under suspension, he or she is not permitted to knowingly operate a motor vehicle. Driving with a suspended license is  a violation of Colorado law that results in a driving under suspension charge. In order to be convicted of a DUS charge, it must be shown that the driver knew his or her license was under suspended.

Potential Consequences for Driving Under Suspension in Colorado

The potential consequences for a DUS conviction in Colorado can vary based on whether alcohol played a factor in the suspension of your driver’s license in the first place. Penalties become more severe with subsequent offenses.

When Alcohol Played a Role in the Suspension. When a driver’s license suspension is due to an alcohol-related offense, the severity of the consequences of a DUS for a first offense include:

A second or subsequent DUS offense can result in:

When Alcohol Was Not A Factor in the Restraint. If the driver’s license restrain did not involve alcohol, then the consequences for a DUS are less serious. For a first time DUS offense, the penalties include:

A second or subsequent DUS offense can result in:


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